Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well Thanks to my Aunt Jenny.........

I must truly express my true feelings about my trip I am taking in TWO days!!!!!.
1. I am very excited to go to a lot of different states and see soooooooooo many new things.
2. I am also very very very very very excited to see my cousins Bailey and her family and also to
some friends that moved to San Francisco!!
3.I am super excited to be away from home and the real world. Haha (I am not lying)
4.I am anxious, in a good way, for camping in the forests we pass!! Which I love doing a lot of cause I think its fun!!
Don't take this the wrong way, Jenny, I really should have already done this!!! HAHA:P


  1. finally :) I have been worried that you weren't really really really excited to go ;) Love ya kid! Have fun.

  2. Um... Paij? Are you excited or something?

    I love the Ivy picture there ----->

    Give all of the WA Porter Family extra hugs from me.

    Like Jen says: "Love Ya kid! Have fun." I agree with her!

  3. BTW, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the stripey background.

  4. OK thanks to know I will change it I was just trying it out. I did like the checkerboard but it didn't know about the stripes. Soo whatever:) Um I will give them all hugs from SHELLEE !!! Haha. Isn't that a cute pic.

  5. IM EXCITED TO SEE YOU GUYS TOOOOOOOO!!!!! I will be waiting! BTW, when are you guys going to arrive here, do you know? thanks :) (Can't wait!)