Thursday, July 8, 2010

Home at Last

Finally we arrived home last night at about 11:45 !! It was such a long day of driving. We left my best friend's house at 9:15 when we were supposed to leave at 4:00am. We had such a good time at the Jelly Belly Factory ! The tour guide showed us the steps of making the beans and gave us a sample of each step.When we walked into the room to wait for the tour, there was a picture of a man who takes baths in jelly bellies. The first type of beans we tried was honey.It tasted the exact same .!! That bean was the whole thing. The next bean we tried was Sunkist lemon and that was just the inside of the bean without the shell. After that we tried raspberry and that had the first coat of of the outer shell! It was ok. The honey jelly bean was the entire thing, So there is a very big difference on the inside and with the shell on. Anyways I am glad to have slept in my own bed and to have been able to see my own room again!!

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