Monday, August 16, 2010


Soooooo school started and I started Taylor Junior High!!! I was very nervous to try to find my classes on time so I went to the Kick Off for the seventh grade and it was to show you around the school. I wore my new off white ballet flats and that was a big mistake. At the end of the kick off me, tori, caroline, And Dylan Merkley walked around the school to find our classes. I found most of mine. We were walking to the portables and i stopped to look at my feet and noticed they had on the side nearest each other skin peeled about a quarter of an inch of skin, still attached, hanging off. it was horrible. I was miserable until I got home, where I peeled the skin off of the raw spot. That was a week ago, and they still aren't healed!UGH!!!!

Anyways the first day of school finally arrived and i was a nervous wreck. I was about ready to barf. I was dropped off by my mom and I stood there with caroline at the front of the school shaking like crazy. I went to my first class Mr. Blitz and he was awesome!!! He is my reading block ( first hour) and my English teacher ( third hour) he is my favorite teacher! After him for second hour I have Mrs McCain and she is my reading teacher! She is nice. Then I go back to Mr Blitz and after that i go to lunch. The first day lunch was hectic ; The second it was the same; and The third was worse. After that I have social studies in the portables and my teacher is Mrs. Feldaverd. She is cool. That is fourth hour. In fifth hour I have Mr. Humes and he teaches science. He gives long lectures about attitude or being positive and all that stuff. After him for sixth hour I have Mrs Seivers for beginning guitar. She is pretty strange. Then i have math for seventh hour. My teacher is Mrs Vigil. ( the g is like an "H") I really like her.

So here I am exhausted from another day of hauling a 50 million pound messenger bag for 7 hours. Overall I really like school and have noticed that boys are REALLY weird.

P.S. Guess what??? I haven't needed my schedule the entire 2,3, &4, Day of school even to type this i didn't need it!! I feel so proud of myself. HAHA


  1. You are so dang cute! I am sorry about your feet though, that is the worst. I still can't believe my sweet little Paij is in Junior High! Have fun and boys are weird!

  2. What is begging guitar? Is that where you sit and beg to learn the guitar? Sounds like fun.

    The 1st day is really hard, but it will get SO much easier. You'll forget what it was like having just one teacher!

    Ditto... boys are weird, please stay away from them; they just get worse as they get older!

  3. OK i meant beginning guitar. And yes i am staying away from boys................