Saturday, July 16, 2011

Girls Camp!!!

Girls Camp was a blast!I left on tuesday morning. We got to the stake center and got our stuff in the charter buses and then realized we forgot my lunch:( My mom rushes home ( and we live ten minutes away and got it. Twenty minutes later she is there and i am already on the bus so she didn't get to say goodbye to me:( i left and when we got there and everything went well the whole trip:) The food was amazing even Costa Vida on the last night:) and they made us feel like we had to eat everything! ha ha well it was worth it! My ward had the Best YCL's and they were awesome:) thursday morning when we went to breakfast the YCL's had decorated Camp Lo Mia as harry potter. There was a shrieking shack, the womping willow and everything else from harry potter, a graveyard and even a forbidden forest:) The girls were crazy about HP it was a little ridiculous ha ha :) Overall It was so fun and the best time ever!!!

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